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More IPCC Falsehoods: Source of Claims Global Warming Caused US Tornadoes

Recent severe weather in the US triggered claims they're proof of human-caused global warming. This is scientific nonsense. Whoever makes the claim is demonstrating ignorance of climate science. Unfortunately, most are repeating the false science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who incorrectly predicted severe weather increases because of warming.

Arctic Climate (PDF Download)

All forecasts of future weather and climate conditions for the entire globe including the Arctic are based on the assumption that human produced CO2 will cause warming. There is no evidence to support this assumption.


The certainty with which the IPCC and AGW proponents make their claims leads to a demand for action. They have denied doubt: the science is settled, the debate is over so we must act. In fact, there is considerable doubt, so it is far wiser to do nothing.

A True Inquiry Into Climate & Weather (It’s Rainmaking Time!™)

Few people understand the differences between climate and weather. Kim Greenhouse, the host of <a href="http://itsrainmakingtime.com/2009/climate-part1/" target="_blank"><em>It's Rainmaking Time!™</em></a>, interviews Dr. Tim Ball, author and ice age researcher Robert Felix (the founder of <a href="http://iceagenow.com" target="_blank">Ice Age Now</a>), and retired meteorologist Joe D'Aleo (the founder of <a href="http://icecap.us" target="_blank">ICECAP.US</a>) to outline the distinction between them once and for all.

No Cities Without Farms

In England, the Agricultural Revolution preceded the Industrial Revolution. A similar pattern has occurred in China over the last thirty years as increased food production preceded industrial and economic growth. Just like England, it caused massive migration from rural to urban. This pattern of increasing food supply preceding urbanization is repeated through history. It is the prerequisite for forming or maintaining a civilization.