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Climate Change: Extremism Is Doing Its Job

When scrambling to explain all the cold weather people only expose their ignorance of climate science. Fortunately, they also produce statements that even those who don't understand the science see as illogical.

Severe US Weather Claims: Ethics Based on Inaccurate Science

An article published through Penn State University would receive a failing grade in any reputable first year climate course. It is scientifically incorrect and demonstrates a lack of understanding of basic weather mechanisms and climate patterns. Despite this, the article is used to demand dramatic action in an application of the standard fall back of environmentalists – the Precautionary Principle. The author’s approach underlines so much of the problem with the global warming/climate change debate. Strong, emotional positions are held without understanding the science. So it fails as a philosophy paper as well.

More IPCC Falsehoods: Source of Claims Global Warming Caused US Tornadoes

Recent severe weather in the US triggered claims they're proof of human-caused global warming. This is scientific nonsense. Whoever makes the claim is demonstrating ignorance of climate science. Unfortunately, most are repeating the false science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who incorrectly predicted severe weather increases because of warming.