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CO2 Is Not Causing Global Warming

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is not causing global warming or climate change. I can’t say it more boldly, but it doesn’t seem to matter; the belief persists that CO2 is the cause and therefore a problem.

More Climate Deceptions and False IPCC Claims

In his book True Enough: Learning to live in a Post-Fact Society, Farhad Manjoo claims: “Facts no longer matter. We simply decide how we want to see the world and then go out and find experts and evidence to back our beliefs.” I am not sure this is a modern phenomenon.

Computer Models and Atmospheric Circulation: A Major Failure

We still don't understand how the atmosphere circulation works, so it is incredible that the computer modelers imagined it could be simulated. Of course, this is beyond the question of the basis for the models. There is simply insufficient surface weather data, and it is worse above the surface.

Reflected Sunlight Shines On IPCC Deceptions and Gross Inadequacies

Global warming due to humans is based on the hypothesis that our addition of CO2 has changed the balance of energy entering and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. There are a multitude of factors that can change this balance, many ignored or underplayed by climate science. They get away with this because the public is unaware.

The Greenhouse Effect: Everybody Talks About It But Few Know What It Is

It is amazing how people have very strong opinions about ideas and terms they don’t understand. The greenhouse effect is one of these and lack of understanding about it is exploited to dictate global energy and economic policies at great and unnecessary expense. The Earth's atmosphere is <em>not</em> like a greenhouse, contrary to IPCC claims.