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The Solution to Failure is More Failure

The list of absolute contradictions about environment and economies gets longer every day as we drift further from logic and reason. The frustration and madness is that many of the contradictions only apply to government thinking and worse their actions. These are far removed from reality and all infused with the hypocrisy of, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Carbon Sequestration: How Environmentalists Boost Oil Company Profits

Environmentalism as practiced by extremists is a blind faith. Their demands for action to deal with non-existent problems create bizarre situations. They ignore science, logic and facts to identify problems so there are often unintended consequences. One involves the environmentalist's obsession with the oil industry, who produce the energy that drives the engines of capitalism and supposedly destroys the planet with CO2 emissions.

What is the US President Talking About?

History of attempts to distort climate science and use it as a vehicle for political ends is a sequence of shifting goalposts. It moved from global warming to climate change to climate disruptions. CO2 became greenhouse gases then carbon. CO2, a gas essential to plant life for oxygen production and thereby life on earth became a toxic substance.

Arctic Climate (PDF Download)

All forecasts of future weather and climate conditions for the entire globe including the Arctic are based on the assumption that human produced CO2 will cause warming. There is no evidence to support this assumption.