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While I live on a pension and occasionally do public speaking for a fee, all legal donations are directed to my legal defence and do not go to me personally.

I am being attacked, and am involved, in two precedent-setting cases that will determine the future for anybody and everybody speaking about climate. My research, writing, and publishing are an operational imperative, and are additional costs induced by these lawsuits. My internet outreach work and speaking engagements are not only critical for making the world aware of these two cases, but what’s at stake for humanity.

Additional funds are needed now to usher in precedent-setting work in the area of climate and free speech, including an update to a Teacher’s Manual that I produced. This Manual contains information that most teachers don’t receive in their curricula.

Most scientists are unable to properly explain this complex science in a way the public can understand. It is estimated that at least 80% of the people do not understand or think they can’t understand climate. This is aggravated because climate is a composite of a multitude of specialized scientific areas and few scientists can put their piece in the complex picture of climatology. These are major factors exploited by those who have hijacked fears about climate change for a political vehicle.

I would appreciate whatever donations you can make to help me prepare the public with climate knowledge and understanding so that true debate and free speech become the norm.

Thank You.