Polar Bear Propaganda in Context: A Useful Tool for the Promotion of Environmental Hysteria and Politicized Science

“It occurred to me ….. ” Global warming is another undelivered government promise.

Polar Bears were chosen by Al Gore as the poster animal for global warming. They added emotion and drama to his story about melting arctic ice. This was necessary because most people either had no mental image of the Arctic Ocean or an incorrect one. This was created by looking at grossly distorted world maps in school that take the single point of the North Pole and stretch it out to the same length as the Equator. Few people have ever seen a map looking down on the North Pole.

The attached pdf provides a context for the polar bear story. It illustrates how it has been used and abused for a political agenda. It provides historical, ecological and biological information that answers questions, but also delineates what we don’t know.



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